Laura Attolini Design was established in 2008 in Paris and it is now based in London.

Laura is an Italian architect and interior designer with strong international experience and great passion for her job.

Graduated in architecture at University of Genoa, she lived for 10 years in Paris where she worked in different architecture companies before founding her own.

She spent then 3 years in USA experiencing with a very different architectural scene, expanding her knowledge and approach to designs.

Since 2015 London is her home where she successfully continues to lead her company focusing on an array of different projects from residential to commercial spaces , Laura specializes in architectural interiors, home remodels, custom interior design & much more.

Her professional experience and her knowledge make her able to realize beautiful contemporary projects at every scale and budget, Laura follows passionately every customer with a flexible and relaxed approach.

Laura’s work has been awarded and featured in TV shows, blogs, magazines in France, USA and UK.